Collective Exhibition

San Maurilio Space, Milan, December 1999

First formal exhibition of my works collectively with other artisans – artists with works in clay, stone and marble. From my side, soft stone (Pietra leccese) sculptures enhancing the stone softness and versatility
Art and Craftsmanship exhibition Vedano al Lambro, 5-6 May 2000


Hosted by the Vedano al Lambro municipality at their Town Hall conference room, again a collective exhibition of “craftsmanship – art” to underline the role of manual effort and skills through the works on show.
Sculpture: a creative choice Al Seminatore, Milan, 11-23 December 2004
Third collective exhibition with the same group of artisans – artists. The unique location, a plant glasshouse, has been selected to prove the effective interaction between works of art and the context. This interaction proved very successful as the green sourroundings of plants and flowers enhanced the natural

materials used for the scultpures whioch seem to grow among such plantations and integrate seamlessly.

Concave and convex, comparing shapes. Raku and sculptures

Vaprio d’Adda, 29 June – 2 July 2006

Together with friend and artist – ceramist Maurizio

Baldini, we thought to organise an exhibition combining our respective works of art, a meeting of diverse materials, raku ceramics with stone and marble, dynamically juxtaposed against each other. The red line is the shape roundness, either concave or convex. Such dialogue set within the beautiful context of The “Water House” at Vaprio d’Adda along the lightful shores of Adda river.

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